The History of Fitness – Health & Fitness Association

Fitness has a long history that dates back from the prehistoric man. Fitness is a state of the body that allows you to concentrate on your work and enjoy life keeping off diseases and fatigue.

In the prehistoric time fitness was a way of survival as man strives to get food through hunting and gathering. It was also a way of defending himself against aggression from fellow men and wild animals. Today fitness is a source of health and wellbeing.

The goals of fitness are replicated through history. Physical fitness was regarded as a source of military might throughout the evolution of man. Communities that showed prowess in war were keen on fitness. Fitness encompasses many aspects and not only workouts.

Health & Fitness AssociationIn ancient societies, fitness was viewed differently, like in China Confucius encouraged the locals to engage in physical activities. Co Fu exercise was also developed to promote fitness in the society. This was different in India where religion both Buddhism and Hinduism promoted spiritual fitness rather than physical fitness.

Societies in history believed in a link between the mind and body. The Greeks believed that a sound mind only exists in a healthy body. Some societies leaned more on the spiritual fitness disregarding physical fitness.

Throughout history, we see a link between music and exercises. This has been incorporated in workout programs in the gyms. According to this theory, workout benefits the body, while music is like exercise to the souls. Music has become a key component of workouts in the present day.

Today although man continues to become more conscious of their fitness, technology and the nature of our jobs have downplayed the need for fitness. Man lees fit in the modern day compared to the ancient man. Sedentary lifestyles and use of transport system coupled with poor eating habits are to blame for this.

healthAs we continue to advance technologically and the society continues to evolve, man needs to reconsider the place of fitness in their bodies. Fitness should be more of a culture.

Due to the immense benefits associated with fitness more time and resources should be set to regain the place of fitness in our lives. The fitness industry must and should do its best to serve man through offering the much-needed information on fitness and the platform for research and availing workout programs closer to the people and at affordable rates.

Ass the fitness industry continues to grow, the view of fitness has also changed. Man is more conscious of the need for physical fitness than ever before. But why is it that a huge percentage of our population is unfit? These are some of the critical questions that the fitness industry needs to address.

People should be encouraged to be members of a health and fitness association in the locality. This is the best way to promote accountability and ensure that more and more people strive for fitness. Just like we eat every day, every person should set time daily dedicated to fitness. This is an excellent way we are going to see a population that if fit physically.