Weight Lifting Exercises 101

Getting started with weightlifting can be very tough sometimes, specifically for those suffering from arthritis and are not aware of the exercises that are the best and also safe for their joints, weightlifting can boost the growth of your muscles as well as help you to lose weight, this is because it helps in burning extra calories.

Below is a breakdown of the basics of weight lifting exercises 101that you should know.


Hex Bar Deadlift

Your chest should be kept up all the time and also a neutral spine should be maintained, with this, chances of lower back aching will be reduced, it is important that you always remember to often hold your bar directly in front of you with your hands about the shoulders and width apart.

Single-arm dumbbell row


During this process, you might want to shrug your shoulders towards the ears which is still normal, to avoid this, you can roll the shoulders down the back.

Back squat

Your goal should always be to sit your body down straight between the ankles while doing this, you should ensure that you keep your torso in an upright position, remember to keep your entire weight in your heels and looking forward during the whole process of exercise.

Overhead press

Most people like finishing this by their bars forward and over the bridge of their noses, this, therefore, can lead to a very unstable position of an overhead, therefore, it is important that you always aim at pushing it up and the slightly back.

Bench press

Making a slight arch on the lower back is very okay, but it is important that you always try keeping your back adjacent to the bench as much as possible when lowering the bar, you also have to pull the elbows towards your ribcage, and this will, therefore, prevent from flaring out.

Things you should know before you start weightlifting

Before involving yourself with weightlifting exercises, it would be appropriate if you first do a warm up, breaking a sweat before you can engage in exercise is very important, it also indicates that you are warmed up and ready for the activity, lifting or stretching your muscles can lead to injury, therefore it is important to activate and prepare your muscles for severe training.


Get to know your body first as well as your limits, and also set goals that are very realistic and achievable, setting very high goals and standards can only lead to frustrations hence your dream to be fit end up being shattered.

For beginners, lightweights should be their option, and this should be done for 10 to 15 times in a session, but they can also try with 12 repetitions for weights that are heavier, you should be able to breathe in when lifting and breathe out when lowering the weight.

During a workout, your muscles are supposed to get tired but not injured, if you find yourself feeling some pain when lifting then you should know that you have overdone it, and therefore stop it, it is normal to feel somehow sore the next day, but when your muscles have become swollen as well as inflamed then there is something you did wrong.